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Nux AS4 Amp Simulator


  • Prodotto da: Nux
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  • Categoria: Effetti per Chitarra
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AS-4 Modern Amplifier Simulator

AS4 Modern Amp Simulator is low cost but screams with the same kind of fat, warm, blazing sounds of the original amplifiers.

Find the tone you want using high and bass EQ, set your level, dial up distortion with the gain knob, then hit the "on" switch. The AS4 Modern Amp Simulator is truckload of real amps in just one pedal!


• Simulates the characteristic distortion and cabinet sound of a guitar amplifier
• Extra amount of gain boosts high frequencies for greater distortion effect
• True bypass provides transparent tone
• Bass and high tone control
• LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition
• Input impedance
• Output impedance
• Power
9V Battery or 9V AC Adapter
• Dimensions
121(L) x77(W) x48(D) mm
• Weight
230 gr


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