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Nux Mighty15


  • Prodotto da: Nux
  • Prezzo: €114.00EUR
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  • Categoria: Elettriche
  • Tempi di consegna: 2 giorni /days

The Mighty-15 is the first member of nu-X's Mighty Series of amplifiers. Featuring 6 classic modeling amp simulations, the powerful Mighty-15 has the capacity to beat any amp in the same range.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, the Mighty-15 is all you need. It's ultra portable, compact and strongly built; you can take it to rehearsals, small gigs or your friend's house!

Your friends may envy you for having such an amp. Yes, I really mean it. It's a great value. In the range of digital guitar combos, you'll not find another one with such powerful functions:

* 6 modeling amp types give you wide range distortion/ overdrive / clean tones to choose from.

* 6 digital effects enable you to save the time from connecting tons of pedals. And all effects are must-have ones for a guitar player!!

* A professional guitar tuner is built-in. You can switch the amp to mute mode and get your axe in tune quickly.

* If you don't want others to hear your masterpieces, you can plug your headphones into the headphones jack. Recording can be done easily with Mighty-15 as well, we put a MIXER output jack on the back.

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